The process of choosing the appropriate satellite system for your requirement might seem rather difficult for those not familiar with the different networks and options available. We here at Satphone, strive to make this process as straightforward as possible.

Below are brief comparisons of the features and coverage of the four most popular networks. Please call a sales consultant on 0800 747 6 747 to find out exactly what, would best suit your requirements.

Iridium More
Inmarsat More
Thuraya More
Globalstar More
Coverage Global (except North Korea) Global except for polar regions Europe (excluding northern fringe), Africa (excluding Southern Africa), Middle East, Indian Sub Continent, South East Asia and Australia The Americas, Europe, N. African coast, Russia and former soviet republics, Middle East, Australia and N. Zealand
Voice service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max data rate (bps) 2.4kbps handheld, 128kbps installed (Pilot) 492kbps 60kbps handheld, 444kbps larger terminals 9.6k
Text message receive Yes Yes Yes No
Text message send Yes Yes Yes No
Prepay tariff Yes Yes Yes Yes
Postpay tariff Yes Yes Yes Yes